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A Brief History of Strasburg

East King Street 1905German settlers traveling south from Pennsylvania along the Great Wagon Road settled in the area in the 1740s and planned and chartered the town in 1761 as Strasburg. In contrast to the English culture found east of the Blue Ridge, Strasburg was settled with family farms and towns rather than plantations; few slaves; and Germanic language, religions, architecture and decorative arts.

Our thriving agricultural community in the fertile bottomland along the banks of the Shenandoah River has scenic views of the Massanutten Mountain, rolling pastures, and historic battlefields. Later nicknamed “Pot Town,” Strasburg also became a center for the production of both utilitarian and fancy earthenware and stoneware pottery. During the 19th and 20th centuries, many residents worked for the railroad industry and at limestone quarries; after WW II, other industries came to Strasburg, including paper and auto parts manufacturers. Today Strasburg boasts a growing service economy, museums, charming eateries, numerous antique stores and other shops. But despite its location only 80 miles from Metro D.C. Strasburg has maintained its hospitable small town charm.

Prepared by Babs Melton for Strasburg Heritage Association

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