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Architectural Review Board


The Architectural Review Board (ARB or Board) is appointed by the Town Council and is responsible for reviewing proposals for improvements within the Historic District.  The Board is governed by the Historic Preservation regulations found in the Appendix A - Zoning, District Regulation, 2-12 Historic District of the Strasburg Town Code.  In accomplishing the objectives of these regulations, the Board serves:

  1. To preserve and to protect buildings and structures within the defined Historic Districts through the review and regulatory processes stated in the Zoning Code, Historic District Regulations of the Town Code and provided by Section 15.2-2306 of the Code of Virginia, as amended.
  2. To create, and to review annually, the Strasburg Historic District Design Guidelines.
  3. To create and to maintain a portfolio of historic interest for each property within the historic districts designated by the Strasburg Town Council. This portfolio will be modeled from the template provided by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, and made available to the public in an electronic format.
  4. To be informed of and to share with property owners all available local, state, and national credits and renovation aids.
  5. To provide advice on historic preservation issues as requested by the Town Council.

Board Members

Fred Keefe

Ashleigh Kimmons, Vice-Chairperson

James Massey

Bobbie Poling

George Rathore, Chairperson

Michael Redden

Linda Wheeler


Important Information