Code Enforcement

The Economic Development and Planning Department is responsible for enforcing the Town's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  In addition, the Department handles all property maintenance violations.  Specific information about the most common violations are found below. 

Tall Grass/Weeds

Town Code Section 38-113 requires that "the owner of vacant, developed, or undeveloped property in the town shall cut the grass, weeds, and other foreign growth on the proeprty...whenever such grass, weeds, and other foreign growth have reached a height of 8 inches or more."  Property owners must cut the grass, weeds, and other foreign growth within 10 days of receiving a notice of violation from the Town.  If the owner fails to cut the grass and weeds, the Town may perform the work at the owner's expense.  Only one notice per growing season (January 1-December31)will be mailed to the property owner.  Click here for the specific regulations on tall grass and weeds. 


Chapter 2, Section 2.39 of the Unified Development Ordinance states that "Except as otherwise provided in this UDO, it shall be unlawful for any person to erect a sign in the Town, or cause the same to be done, without first obtaining a sign permit for each such sign from the Zoning Administrator as required in this UDO."  The most common type of sign-related violations are for temporary signs and off-premise signs. The UDO limits temporary signs "to 30-day periods with no more than three uses within a period of 365 consecutive days" and also require a sign permit.  Additionally, the UDO prohibits all off-premise signs.  To review the specifics refer to Chapter 4, Section 4.19 Signs of the UDO click here.  To download a sign application click here.


Town Code Section 70 prohibits "any person to place or deposit...any human or animal excrement, garbage, or other objectionable waste" in an unsanitary manner upon public or private property within the town.  In addition, "all garbage, ashes, and trash...shall be placed in suitable receptacles."  Click here for the specific ordinance relating to solid waste. 

File a Complaint

For prompt service please utilize the YourGOV Smartphone app or this link to report complaints.  Click here to download an electronic copy of the Property Violation Complaint Form.  The form can be filled out and emailed, mailed, faxed, or hand-delivered to the Town Office.

To file a complaint about any of the above mentioned violations via email, or for general questions about code enforcement, please contact:

Wyatt Pearson, Planning and Zoning Administrator

Town of Strasburg
174 E. King St.
P.O. Box 351
Strasburg, VA 22657
Phone:  540-465-9197
Fax:  540-465-3252

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