Current Projects

Economic development is often talked about as a "three-legged stool." It is a process, not a project, and efforts are generally divided into three categories, with a few components that suport all three categories.

Here is what the Town of Strasburg is doing RIGHT NOW:


1) Business retention and expansion - Projects/programs in this category include: RevUp Marketing (an educational series of classes designed to help existing business identify their target audience, reach those folks and ultimately pull in more customers); outreach efforts to our larger, industrial businesses to connect them to colleagues at Shenandoah County and Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP); and a bi-monthly business newsletter.
2) Business Attraction - Staff actively works to recruit specific small/medium businesses that might want to open a second (or third) location in Strasburg. We also provide land owners with guidance on how a to get a site ready to be actively "shopped out." We are putting lot of effort into making it easy to come to Strasburg, but if you see anything we can do to help, please reach out!
3) Business Creation - RevUp Strasburg is for folks interested in starting a business because the Town wants to support entrepreneurship and small business development. We spend hours each week meeting with people of all different backgrounds discussing business plans, marketing, financials, permitting and more. 
Workforce Development efforts, which undergird all of those categories above include: working with LFCC and Shenandoah University to connect students to Strasburg, getting involved with the Workforce Development Board, and assisting with Job Fairs. 
Placemaking has also been identified as an important component for economic development because it impacts all of the legs of the stool and workforce development. Our projects such as the event space, community garden, events, beautification, art projects, etc. are examples of placemaking. Here is a nice blog post by an economic development consultant that talks more about placemaking.
The Town of Strasburg also supports the arts. Studies show that fostering the arts is very beneficial to economic development. Below are some links to articles on this topic from: