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Unified Development Ordinance and Official Zoning Map


The Town Council, on December 8th, 2015, amended the Unified Development Ordinance as part of an ongoing land use and subdivision regulation review. The updated version is available below.


Download the UDO.  Click here.


Download Appendix A:  Composite Use Matrix for Chapter 3.  Click here.

Download Appendix B:  Technical Design Manual  Click here.

Download the Official Zoning Map.  Click here.



On September 11, 2012 the Strasburg Town Council formally adopted a comprehensive plan known as the Strasburg Community Plan 2012.  The Plan recommends a number of implementation measures, many of which pertain to revising the Zoning and Subdivision regulations.  The previous Zoning Ordinance was originally adopted in 1996, although some minor revisions have subsequently been made.  The Subdivision Ordinance was originally adopted in 1980, with some major revisions since to bring the regulations in line with the State Code.  The Town desired to adopt Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances that capture the vision of and ensure the implementation of the Community Plan.  Accordingly, the Town’s objective is to create revised ordinances that will:

1.         Reflect the future land use patterns and categories established in the Community Plan;
2.         Support the goals and strategies outlined in the Community Plan;
3.         Represent an innovative approach to effective land use planning by appropriately utilizing
             the latest regulatory tools;
4.         Provide clear and concise requirements for future development;
5.         Be user friendly for property owners, developers, and Town staff; and
6.         Comply with applicable State and Federal regulations.

Key provisions in the UDO include:

  • Establishes a clearly defined application and permit approval process;
  • Defines base, overlay and floating zoning districts;
  • Uses tables and charts to simplify standards and flow process;
  • Refines existing design standards to establish the look and feel of Strasburg, for commercial and other non-residential uses, to create compatible building design and style, particularly along the entranceway corridors and the downtown;
  • Promotes and uses density incentives to encourage sustainable development, interconnected neighborhoods, infill development and traditional neighborhoods;
  • Identifies standards for unique uses, like accessory dwellings, home occupations, outdoor storage and display; and
  • Incorporates a Technical Design Manual which will be included as an Appendix. 

Please contact the Economic Development and Planning Department for additional information or to answer any questions you may have at:  (540) 465-9197 or email Wyatt Pearson, Planning and Zoning Administrator:   wpearson@strasburgva.com

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