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Strasburg Gateway Trail Project


The Strasburg Gateway Trail is a planned pedestrian trail network that will connect the the commercial

 district around the Route 11/I-81 Interchange with the downtown area and the residential 

developments along Route 11.  The first trail section will connect the existing sidewalk on North Massanutten Street to the Food Lion shopping center.  Many residents currently use the unimproved corridor to walk between home, work, and shopping destinations, and the Town desires to improve its function, safety, and character.

On September 11, 2012 the Strasburg Town Council formally adopted a comprehensive plan known as the Strasburg Community Plan 2012.  The Plan recommends a number of implementation measures including the construction of new sidewalks and trails in order to ensure safe, convenient, and efficient travel for pedestrians.  In 2011 when discussing capital improvement priorities, the Town Council identified this project as a top priority.  As such, the Town Council allocated funding in the FY2013 budget for survey work and in the FY2015 budget for design of the project.  In addition, the Town has an approved Revenue Sharing grant through the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to fund 50 percent of design and construction.

Project Status

The project design has been awarded to Line + Grade.  The design is currently at 90% and is being reviewed by staff and VDOT.  


Important Information