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Water Treatment


The Town of Strasburg owns and operates a Conventional Surface Water Treatment Facility that accomplishes treatment through various methods including the physical and chemical processes such as settling, filtration, disinfection and coagulation. The source water for the facility is from the North Fork Shenandoah River.


The drinking water treatment facility is capable of delivering 3.3 million gallons of drinking water per day. The facility is currently staffed by six waterworks operators, licensed and certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as an operator in training.

The Town’s drinking water quality meets rigorous standards established and monitored by the Virginia Department of Health, The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and United States Environmental Protection Agency. We encourage you to read the Consumer Confidence Reports below that provide you with valuable information on the water quality.


Annual Consumer Confidence Reports

Annual Drinking Water Report 2011

Annual Drinking Water Report 2012

Annual Drinking Water Report 2013

Annual Drinking Water Report 2014

Annual Drinking Water Report 2015

Annual Drinking Water Report 2016

Annual Drinking Water Report 2017


2013 Silver Water Treatment
Plant Award






Important Information

Contact Information

Dept. of Water Treatment
PO Box 351
Strasburg, VA 22657

Chief Operator: Chris Ritenour
Phone: (540) 465-3008
Email: critenour@strasburgva.com

After Hour Emergencies:
Phone: (540) 459-6102