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Strasburg is open for business!

Located at the I-81/I-66 and the state route 55/11 intersections, and just 80 miles west of Washington, D. C., Strasburg is ideally located and is the perfect place to start or grow a business. 

Our assets set us apart for opportunities with transportation, warehousing & logistics; manufacturing; retail, accommodations & food services; healthcare; and business & professional.  We'd love to give you a tour of our community and properties, and share all the data and information you need to make a decision. 

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Michelle Bixler

Economic Development and Marketing Manager












Important Information


Business Feature

Lightening Round

What is the name of your business
BlueScreen Computer Services

How long have you been in business? 
15 1/2 years

Tell us about your ideal customer.
Someone who seeks solutions to their computer woes, as well as wants to understand how they happened & how to prevent them in the future

Tell us something unique or special about your business.
I always go onsite, and perform all computer work in front of the customer. I welcome an audience, questions and frank discussion all while I work.

What is your favorite thing about Strasburg?
Strasburg is located at a significant crossing of highways, which makes it easy to travel in all directions to help customers all over the valley.

Where is your favorite place to eat out and why?
The Woodstock Cafe & Shoppes. It is classy and they have eclectic daily specials that are tasty and healthy!

Tell us a funny story about your business.
I was intensely focused on a computer problem in Woodstock, and barely noticed that the desk and other items in the room were gently swaying. I devoted only half a second in thinking about it, and guessed that there was perhaps an off-balance washing machine in the next room, causing the shake. I kept at the problem at hand, solved it and gave the customer the good news. Only after I left and got in my vehicle did I notice the alerts on my phone: We had just experienced an earthquake in our region of a magnitude of 5.8 on the Richter Scale!

If someone wants more information, how can they contact your business?
For scheduling or urgent requests, phoning is the best way to reach BlueScreen: 540-975-5000. Otherwise, my email is jesse@bluescreencomputer.com and many folks also message me through The BlueScreen Facebook Page, over at www.facebook.com/BlueScreenComputer